Photo by  Adam Smith .

Photo by Adam Smith.

Our mission

Sociology Policy Briefs is committed to promoting policy sociology by spreading sociological research to policy makers.

SPB’s monthly series of policy briefs are written by sociologists based on their original, peer-reviewed research. Our policy briefs deliver rigorous sociological research for evidence-based policy making.

Photo by  Glen Noble .

Photo by Glen Noble.

What is policy sociology?

Policy sociology applies sociological research to solve social problems. Sociologists research topics critical to public policy and national security. Accordingly, we have a responsibility to share our expertise with policy makers and to promote the best means of solving social problems.

SPB offers resources to help sociologists effect policy and SPB’s series of policy briefs provides sociological research to policy makers.

Photo by  Jana Schneider .

Photo by Jana Schneider.

What is a policy brief?

Policy briefs are short reports aimed at policy makers. Journalists, activists, and policy makers do not always have access to academic research, nor the expertise needed to parse it for policy implications. Policy briefs are an effective way of presenting sociological research to policy makers.

SPB’s policy briefs are concise (about 1,000 words long) and convey background on a particular social problem, a summary of relevant sociological research, and one or more policy recommendations.

New policy briefs are published on the first of every month.